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Joseph Gilroy

Chief Pilot

An Airline Transport Pilot flying for a major airline and an experienced instructor Joseph helped our owner start GWA. Joseph is a CFI, CFII and an experienced aerobatics, tailwheel, and seaplane instructor. He is available for instruction by appointment.

Traian Oancea


Loved by students and staff alike, Traian brings knowledge, enthusiasm and joy to Golden Wings Aviation. As a local business owner for many years he had a vision to bring his passion for aviation to the people and decided to found Golden Wings Aviation.


Chuck Proctor

Flight Instructor

With Several Years of experience as a Pilot, Flying as a crop duster and a Flight Instructor. He is our most experienced Tail Wheel Instructor! Favorite planes to fly are the Piper Arrow and our Citabria.

Lindsay Everson

Flight Instructor

Private Pilot Cert, instrucment rating and CFI rating. Has experience flying all through the foothills from Sacramento to Columbia Area. Favorite planes to fly are the Cessna 172 & Cessna 152.

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